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K-Frame CS X

Simple Transition to Software based applications

Grass Valley continues to fulfill its commitment to provide any panel for any engine across its series of video production centers. Kayenne, Karrera, Korona, and KSP control surfaces connect with K-Frame CS X to provide a simple transition to software based applications.

Any panel from the series operates in the same way regardless of the production environment. TDs can get right to work — even transferring show files between AMPP and K-Frame engines.


For many TDs, operating a production switcher is done by muscle memory, knowing a panel so well that it is an automatic extension of the hands while the conscious attention focuses on the incoming video sources and cues to switch a show. The K-Frame CS X Production Switcher allows TDs to immediately transfer that intuitive knowledge to cloud-based video production. Button presses and transitions respond without delay, providing the precise control TDs have come to expect from Grass Valley production switchers


With three M/Es and six keyers with 2D DPM per M/E, operators have the creative resources required for professional video production. Stills and animations with fill/key including transparency also provide a polished production look. Those looks are easy to create and store with hundreds of eMEMs and Macros available for recall at the touch of a button with the familiar Grass Valley feel.

  • Scalable to as many instances as required without upfront buildout
  • Flexible, elastic I/O with access to any source on the AMPP fabric
  • Cloud hosted workflows without sacrifice on responsiveness and accuracy
  • Operator experience remains the same regardless of distance from the processing
  • Frame-accurate for live production
  • Fully compatible with connected control surfaces and applications
  • Intuitive software solutions



I/O channels Compute instance dependent. Consult your Grass Valley representative.
Format support 720p, 1080i, and 1080p
Number of M/Es 3
Keyers Up to 18 (6 per M/E)
Key and fill Linear/Luminance/Chroma
Wipes Horizontal and Vertical
Animation playback with transparency Yes
Still PNG/JPG support Yes
ImageStore 10 channels
2D DPM (with border, edge/corner pinning) Yes
eMEMs 1,000
Macros 999
Share show files between production engines Yes
Source definition, labeling and mapping Yes


Required Apps

Input icon GV K-Frame icon Output icon

Optional Apps

Flow Monitor icon Multiviewer icon



K-frame CS X

K-frame CS X

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